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Student Complaints

One of the top-ranked professional training institutes in India today, WLCI was established in the year 1996 with the sole aim of transforming young learners into outstanding achievers through industry-focused training. Till date WLCI stays true to its mission of creating a job-ready workforce by maintaining the highest standards of education and training.

Job-specific training for a future ready workforce

The courses at WLCI’s School of Business, WLCI’s School of Design, WLCI’s School of Fashion and WLCI’s School of Media have been designed in consultation with eminent industry professionals. These programmes aim to impart job specific knowledge and training to the students for a spectacular performance from day one at their workplace.

Striving towards excellence

In the 19 years of WLCIs’ existence, we have consistently strived to better ourselves. This has been possible by paying heed to WLCI complaints and feedback given by prospective candidates, present students, parents, alumni and other stakeholders.

WLCI Complaints section

With a view to enhance professional training and channel our efforts in the right direction, WLCI has launched an exclusive complaints and feedback section at WLCI.in. The WLCI Complaints section allows individuals to freely put in their grievances, feedback and reviews about WLCI College.

Sustaining relationships

At WLCI, we believe the quicker we become aware of any grievances through the WLCI Complaints section, the better are our chances of solving the problem. Through this forum, we are able to maintain an on-going and active relationship with our current students as well as the alumni. We believe in extending every possible help to them.

Resolving the issues

The only reason why WLCI has been able to maintain its reputation as one of the top professional institutes in the Indian sub-continent is because unlike other private institutes in the country, we not only listen to the complaints carefully, but we also initiate proper steps to resolve the situation, so that no further grievance should arise in the future.

Here is why WLCI’s complaints forum helps WLCI in achieving its objectives of maintaining world-class standards in the professional training sector:

  • We treat every single complain as a chance for us to enhance our abilities
  • We welcome complains and feedback by people from all walks of life
  • We stay connected with our students and alumni through the grievances and feedback section

If you have any complaints or feedback regarding WLCI feel free to contact us on the WLCI complaints forum. We assure you that we will take steps to resolve your issue.

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